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Gun violence victims detained, put through background check for yelling ‘shame on you’ at senators


Gun violence victims detained, put through background check for yelling ‘shame on you’ at senators


On Monday, April 15th, at 7pm, at the Flying Brick Library (506 South Pine Street, Richmond VA) there will be a presentation by Scott Crow based off his book, titled “Black Flags and Windmills: Hope, Anarchy and the Common Ground Collective.” Does anyone actually read this part of the post. Free and open to the public.

The Flying Brick Library is wheelchair accessible. RSVP through the link.


President  has announced that he plans to create a new federal department at the cabinet level called the Department of . Although the President has listed many issues that he would like to focus on in his second term, such as immigration, gun control and climate change, this initiative to create a more promising future for American could define the President’s term and create a lasting legacy.

The President made efforts in his last term to rethink and revitalize America’s urban centers with the Office of Urban Affairs, created in 2009, but these efforts have gone largely unnoticed. Pair this with the existing Department of Housing and Urban Development, which is becoming increasingly out of date and irrelevant, and it’s clear that Mr. President has a lot of work to do. But despite the challenges that the Obama Administration faces, creating a Department of Cities to finally tackle the issues plaguing our most vital urban nuclei may be one of the most important and far-reaching moves he makes.

According to the NY Daily News, “it is seldom acknowledged by our political culture, which routinely and reflexively sees small-town America as the ‘real America,’ but the well-being of the United States is increasingly determined by the well-being of its cities.” This is evidenced by the fact that a whopping 2/3 of our population resides in cities and that these metropolitan areas produce 3/4 of our economic output as a nation.

The Department of Cities would recognize the importance of our cities by addressing their problems with a more efficient, holistic attitude. It would absorb the functions of several different organizations: the two mentioned above, as well as that of Transportation, Education, Commerce and Interior. It would consist of a wide variety of people, such as previous mayors and city officials, city-builders and experts on various urban matters, as well as developers and business leaders, creating a truly unique and bipartisan department united by a shared goal: to improve American cities.

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In short, to say we are concerned with poverty is to say we are concerned with improving the quality of life of those amongst us whose lives are made more difficult, more deprived and more dangerous by a persistent lack of adequate material resources. Putting the matter this way is crucial, because it indicates a concern not just with the poor as statistics, but the poor as holistic human beings who need and deserve to be recognized as whole persons

The Mayor’s Anti-Poverty Commission Report

You too can stay up late reading the report, which is posted online here.

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OH YEAH and the immigration reform proposal unveiled today includes DRONE SURVEILLENCE OF THE BORDER

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A map produced by the Chicago Teachers’ Union of the areas targeted for school closings by the city’s administration.


A map produced by the Chicago Teachers’ Union of the areas targeted for school closings by the city’s administration.

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1. “There’s been class warfare going on for the last 20 years, and my class has won.” — Warren Buffett

 2. “Gay rights are human rights and human rights are gay rights.” — Hillary Clinton

3. “Today, we are all Troy Anthony Davis. Tonight, a little piece of all of us will die.” — Rep. John…

In the future, history classes will be told that the United States in the 21st century had an explosion of homelessness at the same time that there were so many empty houses on the market that banks were bulldozing them to save the expense of maintaining them. The most flattering conclusion about us that will be derived from these facts is that we were a nation of deliberate and intolerable cruelty.

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jusjac asked:

Lmao :L Your addition to my post :L
So you support Palestine? You support the fact that Hamas and Hezbollah drop bombs on Israeli schools, homes, and school buses? That’s sick.
Regarding them stealing land from the Palestinians. Well. How uneducated can…

this is absolutely ridiculous. “America” complains about terrorists and stopping terrorism the world over, while it continues to set aside a majority of its own budget for “defense” aka military spending, as well as supplying States like Israel with all this military aid, perpetuating violence and expansionism against Palestinian people 

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Anarchism covers lots of different things— If there’s one leading principle which unifies them, it’s a simple one. It’s based on the assumption that any structure of authority and domination has to justify itself- none of them are self-justifying. Whether they’re in individual relations, or international affairs, or the workplace, or whatever- they have a burden of proof to bear, and if they can’t bear that burden (which they usually can’t), they’re illegitimate and should be dismantled and replaced by alternative structures which are free and participatory and are not based on authoritarian systems.
Sometimes they can be justified, so it’s not that it’s always impossible. Like if I’m walking down the street with my 3-year old granddaughter and she races into traffic, and I grab her arm and pull her back that’s an authoritarian relationship. But if challenged, I don’t think it would be hard to give a justification for that relation of authority.

Noam Chomsky (I like this quote)

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