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Take the Kyoto Protocol. Destruction of the environment is not only rational; it’s exactly what you’re taught to do in college. If you take an economics or a political science course, you’re taught that humans are supposed to be rational wealth accumulators, each acting as an individual to maximize his own wealth in the market. The market is regarded as democratic because everybody has a vote. Of course, some have more votes than others because your votes depend on the number of dollars you have, but everybody participates and therefore it’s called democratic. Well, suppose that we believe what we are taught. It follows that if there are dollars to be made, you destroy the environment. The reason is elementary. The people who are going to be harmed by this are your grandchildren, and they don’t have any votes in the market. Their interests are worth zero. Anybody that pays attention to their grandchildren’s interests is being irrational, because what you’re supposed to do is maximize your own interests, measured by wealth, right now. Nothing else matters. So destroying the environment and militarizing outer space are rational policies, but within a framework of institutional lunacy. If you accept the institutional lunacy, then the policies are rational.

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This makes me think of the first time I learned about Max Weber and rational legal authority and how hard it was for me to wrap my mind around the words rational and legitimate in terms of a system like capitalism. 

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Hey guys and gals, check out TERRA!


 True Earth Remediation and Radical Action (TERRA) RVA is a Richmond, VA based citizen’s environmental action group. Our goal is to heal our local environment by facilitating natural processes, encouraging our community to become more “green.”

This is a new group that I am helping to start up here in good ol’ RVA. Please check it out and I hope you’ll be inspired to help out any way you can, just by spreading the word or even joining us to help better our city